about aj design

Since its inception in 2006, AJ Design as a member of the Al Jallaf Investments based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, has positioned itself as a creative and finest interior design and fit out solutions provider in the GCC region. Our 1,650 m2 workshop and assembly area in the Al Quoz Industrial area is well equipped with modern machinery and tools to deliver a wide range of custom-made interior design and fit out masterpieces that spans different concepts such as office, kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, public buildings, outdoor, kids room and school furnishing concepts. Our excellence in carpentry and joinery is founded on a combination of our well trained and experienced creative designers, wood workers and carpenters.

Archaeological research reveals that human crafted prehistoric furniture curved from wood, stone, animal bones and skin almost 30,000 years ago. Since then spectacular evolution in furniture design moved from complex designs and joinery in the dynastic period through the middle ages to the modern time in which designs are engrained with the lustre of natural silhouettes and touch. We have continued to diligently serve our customers in different sectors such as Government and government agencies, hospitality, Shops, private home owners, education institutions, hospitals and corporate offices. We are well resourced to deliver distinct types of both traditional and modern furniture and fittings that resonate with different joinery cultures across the world. Our celebrated interior design consultants are conscious that space is a precious and finite resource that needs to be optimized. They are ready to listen to your desires and specify the right concept for your space planning, furniture reconfiguration that deliver utmost comfort, ergonomic essentials and safety. Our wood craftsmen and carpenters have vast knowledge and experience to meticulously choose and apply different joinery techniques to harmonise natural characteristics of wood and craft masterpieces with a combination of strength, flexibility, toughness and elegance without compromising the environmental factors on wood materials.

Our maintenance and restoration division offer a wide range of maintenance and repair services to building, internal decors and fittings to keep them in operation, improve their functionality or extend their service. If you are looking for ways of preserving your family heritage to protect your emotional attachment to masterpieces in your home, come to us! Our upholstery and carpentry divisions are well resourced to restore and repurpose the original allure of your precious property, pieces of old furniture and fittings.

Our Corporate principle

You desire to own ornamental masterpieces, we craft them to your admiration.